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Modern testing equipment of different kinds can be manufactured according to user's requirements.

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JH-CRI300A High Pressure Common Rail Injector Test Bench

Product introduction:

JH-CRI300A High Pressure Common Rail Injector Test Bench is the latest equipment we researched and produced by referring to the actual condition of domestic existing common rail fuel injector. The equipment’s rail pressure range is (0~2100bar) ., which is provided by BOSCH common rail fuel injector. The computer control system can accomplish real-time measurement and adjustment for common rail pressure. 

Committed to the production and manufacture of high-pressure common rail testing equipment

Taian Junhui Automobile Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd.

     Tai An Junhui Auto Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd.is located in the beautiful scenery at the foot of Mount Tai, is a research, production, sales and service in one of modern high-tech enterprises. The company has a number of hardware and software development experts in the joint venture production of frequency control fuel injection pump test stand, a senior engineer, engineers, technicians and computer fields. Significant progress was made in modern car electrical control, EFI detection equipment.
     The main production PTS series fuel injection pump test bench, the amount of oil digital test bench, common rail test bench, EDC electronic speed tester EUP test bench and PDQ series injector test bench and so on. Also based on user requirements of manufacturing different varieties of modern testing equipment, to undertake engineering design automation and electrical installation.

     The company has more than 30 employees. Among them, there are more than 30 senior technicians, more than 10 years'experience in the core production team.

     After more than ten years of continuous renovation and expansion, it has developed into a standard industrial plant covering more than 3500 square meters, with more than 100 online employees.

High-pressure common rail testing equipment, 10 years of focus is trustworthy

Junhui Automobile Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd.

Injection Pump Test Bench and High Pressure Common Rail Injector Test Bench

Integrated services

The company assists in designing, installing, debugging, trial production, training and a series of procedures throughout the process to relieve all your worries with sincere service attitude.

Seiko quality

The products are characterized by high technology content, reasonable configuration, compact structure, easy operation, simple maintenance, low investment cost and wide application range.

Focus on ten years

Taian Junhui Automobile Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and service.

In manufacturing, installation, commissioning, technical services and other aspects, has a wealth of theoretical engineering practice experience.


Focus on R & D

Focusing on R&D, being good at manufacturing and being honest is our long-term and unremitting development direction.

Good designability

Be able to flexibly design various structural products to meet the needs of product performance development;

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Company news




Modern High-tech Enterprises Integrating Scientific Research, Production, Sales and Service

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